10 Pemandu Sorak Terseksi di NBA

Penonton di stadion atau pemirsa televisi NBA bukan cuma menonton pertandingan basketnya, tapi juga para pemandu soraknya. Berikut 10 tim pemandu sorak terseksi di NBA. Penilaian paling seksi berdasarkan kecantikan personel, kostum, tarian dan kekompakan tim. (Urutan paling akhir menjadi yang terseksi)

#10 San Antonio Spurs
The Spurs might be an aging team, but their cheerleaders certainly are young and spritely. This is every reason we love Texas women and that Latin flavor doesn't hurt either.

#9 Dallas Mavericks 
There is just something about those southern women. I don't know if it's the charm, the hospitality, or simply the amazing looks, but they rank well on our list. All three Texas NBA teams found their way onto the 2013 list. The Mavs don't disappoint. These are some Texas women with a lot to offer and plenty of sass.

#8 Golden State Warriors 
Who doesn't love a California girl? The sun, bikinis, tan lines, bikinis, surfing, bikinis. Yes, we love thoes bikinis.  The Golden State Warriors are a miserable basketball team these days, but don't you dare take that out on their cheerleaders.
#7 New York Knicks 
New York is not the only game in town these days. The Brooklyn Nets are challenging for the loyalty of the New York fan base and this goes for hottest cheerleaders too. We think the Knicks have a firm grip on this for two reasons: one, the Brooklyn cheerleader outfits are kind of busted and two, the pic below.

#6 Boston Celtics 
Boston's had some good years and some rough one in terms of their cheerleaders and their team. These days the Boston women are rock solid. I don't know if it's those Boston beans or that Irish pride, but Boston definitely can be proud of this year's squad of girls.

#5 Chicago Bulls 
Derek Rose may be out with a torn ACL, but the ladies of Chicago are still in full force. Is it any surprise Chicago cheerleaders are beautiful when you consider they probably grew up idolizing Michael Jordan in his prime. That's enough to make and kid a life-long fan.
#4 Houston Rockets
Houston is host to the 2013 NBA All-Star game, so I'm sure everyone is going to get a lot more familiar with everything Houston. A great place to start is with the women of this city. This is one of those cities that you'll be scratching your head asking, "What's in the water around here." Houston has produced beauties like Beyonce and we can see why.

#3 Atlanta Hawks 
Hotlanta is known for gorgeous women. There is a reason BET moved its award show down to Atlanta and numerous recording artists like Outkaste call this city home. The Hawks might not be the strongest team in the East this year, but their cheerleaders can compete with anyone.
#2 Los Angeles Lakers
The Laker Girls are the original badass NBA cheerleaders and for a good reason. These are the cheerleaders that took being an NBA cheerleader to a whole new level. In a place like the Staple Center that is frequented by numerous Hollywood celebrities it is not surprise some have come right out of the LA cheer squad too. Anyone remember Paula Abdul?

#1 Miami Heat
Everything is hot is South Beach and the women are certainly no exception. It is easy to see how this is the city that cost Shaq his marriage. Miami cheerleader's beauty might be the secret ingredient in what brought so many superstars to this market and helped bring the Heat their second NBA championship last year. With vicotry come the spoils and we have no doubt this squad will only be hotter in 2013.


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